It’s all about the experience.

We have all been here, that place, the one that we swear we will never go back to because we get such horrible customer service when we are there. For me that place was U*S. I got a delivery notice so I went to pick up my package only to find that they had already shipped it back to the sender! Really! It hadn’t even been 24 hours can I get a few hours to work and diver over to your pick up center! I never received the first two notices of delivery so I was very upset over this and the service that I received. And it’s not even the inconvenience of my time it’s the VALUE of my TIME to me and my family.
Now I share this story with you because as a small business owner, I try to anticipate the needs of my clients. I know what I charge and I know that many of my clients work hard to afford sessions with me, so when they are with me I try to ensure that the time they have entrusted to me is valued. I have little toys and water bottles with me at my sessions and I always try to plan sessions within 2 miles of the nearest coffee shop! I also keep my car trunk stocked with baby wipes and an extra blanket you never know when the kids are gonna want to have a spontaneous picnic or a place to take a quick cat nap.
When you take a little extra time to plan for your clients needs in advance it helps to ensure that you are providing them the best possible experience with your little business.


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