When planning your portrait session there’s a lot that goes into it and you will shop for days trying to get just the right outfit, then there’s the backup outfit just in case the first one makes you look fat or your man or kiddo refuses to wear what you first bought…see stress!
So I’m giving you a short list of guidelines to help you out when you are getting ready for your portrait session and a screen shot of what a typical fam might wear just to keep it simple. Remember you want to this day to capture your family just as you are so your attire should be representative of such too.

1. Say no to to being a match made in heaven.. Instead choose a color family and build from it.
2. Light colored clothing and character shirts generally call attention away from the face and should be avoided…same with makeup, although the natural tones are best you will tend to look washed out so always apply a little more (JUST A LITTLE) color to your face
3. White typically does not photograph well. If you want one color, Black is the way to go!
4. Men should have their hair cut one week before portraits.
5. Women; avoid a drastic change in hairstyle, just in case. Need I say more.
6. Clothing should be comfortable! It’s not uncommon to find yourself laying in the grass, or jumping with your kids be ready for anything!
7. Mini skirts or short shorts…a bad idea. Think comfort!
8. 3/4 Sleeve or longer with a square, V-Neck or Scoop Neck are most flattering for women.
9. Arriving early and dressing your little one on location can save you a lot of stress over dirtying his clothes.
10. Rules are made to be broken!


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